Police Smashes Cybercrime Recruitment & Mentoring Hub In Abuja
NPF-NCCC successfully uncovered and dismantled a sophisticated cybercrime syndicate operating in a Cybercrime recruitment and mentoring hub in Abuja
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Nigeria Police Force - National Cybercrime Center

Welcome to the Nigeria Police Force - National Cybercrime Center

We are at the forefront of combating cyber threats in Nigeria. As the nation's premier authority on cybercrime prevention and enforcement, we are dedicated to safeguarding digital spaces and protecting citizens from online criminal activities. With our specialized expertise, advanced technologies, and relentless pursuit of justice, we strive to create a safer digital environment for all Nigerians. Join us in our mission to combat cybercrime and uphold the integrity of Nigeria's digital landscape.


Nigeria Police Force - National Cybercrime Center

We are a leading national cybercrime center committed to protecting against cyber threats through investigation, coordination, and public awareness initiatives.

Investigation and Analysis

Investigate cybercrimes, analyze evidence, and collaborate with law enforcement for cybercriminal apprehension.

Coordination and Response

Coordinate cybersecurity strategies, policies, and guidelines to safeguard critical infrastructure.

Public Awareness and Education

Raise public awareness, promote best practices, and enhance cybersecurity knowledge among individuals.

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Welcome to npf-nccc

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